English language lessons
for higher-level learners

What we do

We have our own style of English here in New Zealand.  And with our accent and language choice, it can be difficult to follow at times! 

English Savvy lessons can help you understand and use English confidently in NZ.

  We'll show you the language that Kiwis like to use, in a natural NZ context.  And then show you how to use it too!


How we do it

The three steps of English Savvy lessons ensure you practise different skills while learning new language.


Listening | Reading | Context


Grammar | Vocabulary | Pronunciation


Speaking | Writing


We present our lessons in Prezi - a powerful presentation tool. This gives you:

Full access to the lessons - anytime, anywhere

No need to worry about poor internet connection or slow streaming speeds

The full functionality of prezi; allowing you to zoom and explore the lesson

No advertising

HD quality

Free Lessons

Check out video versions of our lessons - for free!

  • Everyday English

    Learn the language patterns
    of everyday life.

  • Cambridge

    Study common language patterns tested in the CAE exam.


    Increase your language range
    for Writing Part 1 and 2.

  • Phrasal Verbs

    Pick up some phrasal verbs and
    sound like a native speaker!

  • Location New Zealand

    Travelling in NZ? Understand and
    speak Kiwi English easily!

  • "Learning another language is like becoming another person" - Haruki Murakami

  • "A different language is a different vision of life" - Federico Fellini

  • "The English language is a work in progress. Have fun with it!" - Jonathan Culver


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Free video versions

Watch free video versions of our lessons on the Free Lessons page.

Prezi versions

Get full functionality of our lessons from the Prezi version.  Find them in the Lessons Store.

Travelling or working in New Zealand?

You'll find our Location NZ lessons useful!  Listen to Kiwis and learn their language.  Lessons will be available in September.